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Director G.V.Iyer G.V.Iyer’s ‘Aadi shankaracharya’, is one of the fine films made in india. An ambitious choice of Sanskrit to be the language and the interpretation of death amd wisdom through characterization is simply profound. A scene where Adi Shankara’s mother passes away and the reaction of Shankara’s friend Mrithyu(Death) and the counter reaction ofContinue reading “AADI SANKARACHARYA”


To begin with, every passionate student of law will be a fan of John Grisham, so am I. Though i knew John Grisham as a writer before i went to law school, i started reading his novels for the firs time after getting in the law school i went on the recommendation of my professorContinue reading “THE FIRM”


For some it is a political satire, For some its querky, for some it is boring, for some its bland, but for me it appeals on so many different levels. The possible human future that’s being in question is exactly questioned in this wonderfully written political satire “Dont Look Up”,directed by Adam Mckay What ifContinue reading “DONT LOOK UP”

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