For some it is a political satire, For some its querky, for some it is boring, for some its bland, but for me it appeals on so many different levels. The possible human future that’s being in question is exactly questioned in this wonderfully written political satire “Dont Look Up”,directed by Adam Mckay

What if the planet earth is going to get destroyed and the decision is pending in the hands of those who are ignorant of the subject? the whole earth will get destroyed. The climax of the film can’t be more perfect that it has, after closing down the possibility of deflecting the comet, Otherwise it would have been a subconsciously naive & cliche to keep believing that humans are superior with their intellect.

The human ethics is subtly questioned in many spots in the film, especially when Leonardo D’caprio appears in a commercial which was brilliantly placed after Jennifer Lawrance gets arrested for speaking the truth.

“Was it a culmination of Elon Musk & Jeff Bezos that created Peter in the film?”, was my immediate reaction. A villanish character arc that settles in our minds looking at him, which reflects our own mindset towards the super rich, for which there is an answer from peter when Leo questions him of being a businessman, the answer from petre represents the sincerity of the intention behind the actions of the business giant in saving or expanding the human race, Elon Musk jumped in to my mind for a glimpse of a second. A brilliant writing i must say.

the satire of the film is in its name, “Dont Look Up”, the slogan is picked from the villian side of the film. The sattire begins with the name of the film, the director has shown the image of us humans by holding up the mirror for us to see, its entertaining to see how foolish humans are and can be, but more importantly it poses questions to you as an audiance.

Ariana Grande

The freshness lies in not only of its treatment as a screenplay but also to see Ariana Grande sing in preclimax with querky lyrics makes it more funny.

Dont Look Up is definitly a “not to be missed” category, not as a cult classic but definitly a mind kindling film.

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